News about TENALEA

Do researchers make better practitioners? [January 27 2011]
The TENALEA team at UK Cochrane Centre have published a systematic review of the effects on practice when healthcare practitioners and institutions conduct randomized trials.


Latest TENALEA trial protocol published [January 13 2011]
The protocol for the EXIST study of exercise following high dose therapy in multiple myeloma and lymphoma has been
published in BMC Cancer.


Another TENALEA trial protocol published [November 7 2010]
The protocol for the HEPATICA study of chemotherapy in colorectal cancer has been
published in BMC Cancer.


New website launched [August 2 2010]
The new TENALEA website has been launched. It includes access to information about TENALEA services and details of some of the more than 300 healthcare studies that are already using it.

40th clinical trial coordination centre adopts TENALEA Services [April 23 2010]
Since the beginning of 2010, five clinical trial coordination centres have opened their first trial operating TENALEA services. This has brought the total number of clinical trial coordination centres using TENALEA Services to support their data management process to 40. Another 3 centres are testing the randomisation, eCRF service, or both.


TENALEA3 released, upgrades scheduled for March / April 2010 [February 14 2010]

For 4 years, ALEA 2.2 formed the basis of the TENALEA randomisation service. TENALEA3 is the successor of ALEA2.2, offering a wide range of improvements:  

  • Electronic case report forms based on ODM, Microsoft InfoPath 2007 and Sharepoint 2007.
  • Integration of various minimisation methods - adapted minimisation, biased coin, Taves - into a single minimisation setup procedure.
  • Randomisation simulation, resulting in an advanced, comprehensive randomisation validation report.
  • Support of SMS and fax notifications.
  • CDISC SDTM and ADAM export.